About Us:

Concentric Editions is a publishing company that works at the interface between contemporary art, photography and fine print production. As a growing creative collective – of designers, printers and artists –our approach combines collaborative relationships with cutting edge print technology and highly skilled craft. Established in 2017 to champion the book as an art form, Concentric Editions has gained recognition ever since, winning multiple print and design awards from all over the world.

Each of our books is conceived as a unique object and its design and production is bespoke. We print to the highest quality, employing commercial finishing and binding techniques in inventive and creative ways. Working within traditions of the livre d’artiste and artist’s book, we engage and experiment with the book form, revealing a book’s content by taking the reader on a sensory, tactile journey through its pages. Produced in limited edition print runs our publications are sought after by collectors and bibliophiles alike.

Based in West London and with its own in-house production capability, Concentric Editions oversees every element of production. This allows for a seamless process between the conception of a book and its printing, binding and embellishments. Our print quality is arguably the best in the world, using super fine stochastic screening and an enhanced colour gamut Vivid Colour™ process developed in-house, which ensures the very best image reproduction possible.

Awards and acknowledgements featuring books published by Concentric Editions:

NNW: Winner (Book of the Night) BPD&PA, London England 2019

NNW: Winner (Best British Book) BPD&PA, London England 2019

Paper Dolls: Winner (Limited Edition & Fine Binding) BPD&PA, London England 2019

Buckland House: Highly commended (Photography Book) BPD&PA, London England 2019

Paper Dolls, Buckland House, NNW: Winner (Fine Art category ) Print Week Awards: London, England, 2019

Buckland House: Honourable Mention Fine Art Photography awards New York, USA April 2020

Buckland House: Highly Commended, The Paris Photography Prize (PX3), Paris, France, June 2019

Cartographic Colour, Outside: Highly Commended (Fine Art Category) Print Week Awards, London, England, 2018

Outside: Finalist, The AOP Awards, London, England, April 2019, 2018 – Finalist, The Lucie Awards, New York, USA, October 2018

Outside: Honourable Mention, IPA - International Photography Awards, New York, USA, October 2018-

Outside: Honourable Mention, 13th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Los Angeles, USA, October 2018

Outside: Winner, The Paris Photography Prize (PX3), Paris, France, June 2018

Outside: Winner - Silver Award, Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia, May 2018

Outside: Winner - Silver Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokyo, Japan, April 2018

Outside: Finalist, One Eyeland, Black and White Awards, April 2018, 2017

Outside: Highly Commended, 12th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Los Angeles, USA, October 2017