I just got your photo book of Julian Calverley. And I have to say: I am speechless.

Actually, I should have made an unboxing video of it. Even the shipping packaging is of high quality. Then the box for the book: made super nicely. The feel of the envelope is very exclusive.
There is a lot of work behind it. Nicely done! Then the book: Super nicely designed. I can tell because I've worked as a graphic designer all my life.
Congratulations to Les Welch. Good work! And the main thing: the photographs of Julian Calverley. I've already looked at all of his pictures online and was excited about the implementation on paper, because the difference between rgb and print is always a big challenge.
And I have to say that the prints blew me away. The colors are so harmonious and finely graduated. Congratulations to the prepress department in your company.
The recordings and the image processing that dominates Calverley's work comes across as wonderful. All in all, I am very positively surprised by the result and am happy to be one of the 10 owners of the book.
I haven't read anything about the printing process, the paper used and the extraordinary envelope material. Can you give me information about it? That would be of great interest to me (I'm retired from my job, but I can't help it ...).
Regarding the selection of images for the photo prints, I have no idea yet. I have to search the book several times before I can make a choice.
I will discard some implementations that I had in mind because the discrepancy between screen rendering and printing does not quite satisfy me. In fact: RGB is not digital printing.
I will also be interested in what an additional print would cost me. Two enlargements are missing a third. 3 would be optimal. I think I'll have to deal with Julian, right?
There you have my first impression. And I'm proud of my purchase and your work.

I wish you every success and greet you


The David Magee Outside and Cartographic Colours Giles Revell books arrived in perfect shape, your packaging protection in the corners absorbed all the impact.

Both are stunningly original and beautiful, it is a real achievement by both the artists and the designer/printer/publisher.
The “Cartographic Colours” is quite different from anything I have ever seen before, certainly made even more impressive by the large format print.

Best regards,


Sorry for the delay in replying, been busy and have been enjoying looking at the book in quite moments.

Here’s my feedback
I like the design, it’s kind of modern book making design meets rugged atmospheric old-world Scotland
The packaging is spot on, I have bought books in the past where the packaging is not sufficient for knocks from delivery.
I like the texture and colour of the cover and slipcase
I like the large photos on the page and only having one photo for each double page spread. It’s almost like viewing a print.
I like the character of the pictures, it makes me want to drop everything and go to those areas in Scotland and hang out and take my own pictures. (If I had the money to do so)

Thank you


I just received my copy of NNW. It arrived in perfect condition and the print quality is outstanding! The whole package is very beautiful.

Best regards,


The book is exceptional.

Here is an Instagram post I made about the book.

Jules and I had a conversation about Harris after the book arrived. It was a freezing week and yes, it does take me back.
The book is lovely, I love the design. (especially the caption pages) Elegant and simple.

Thank you for the note and quick shipping.


About the book NNW.

Simply, we are both enchanted with the NNW book. Jon, my husband, when he received the gift and we went through it together remarked at how beautiful and stunning the book as a whole is. One photograph evoked thoughts of Shakespeare's The Tempest for the drama and beauty.

We were both impressed with the beauty and design of the book. And wondered how on earth it was all done - with the ghost image on the left of the photograph. To Julian's actual photography and processing. We are both amateur photographers.

Since we are new to living in London and the UK - this book helped us travel internally while in lock down.

It is my new favorite book, full stop. And when things open up again, we will pop into Concentric.