Julian Calverley


With a personal love for the great outdoors and over three decades of experience, Julian has become one of the UK's most revered landscape photographers. Hooked from an early age by the breath-taking beauty of the Scottish Highlands, he has carved out a unique cinematic style of landscape photography that is instantly recognisable. Drawn to the light quality that autumn and winter bring, repeatedly working at dawn and dusk, often in extreme weather, allows him to witness the elements in all their different states. In particular water, both in liquid and cloud form, features heavily in his compositions. By using long shutter speeds, he brings movement to his work, harnessing the beauty and motion of mountain rivers, streams, shorelines and skies. His extensive post-production skills are then applied, with many hours devoted to each image. The finished pieces command a theatrical air, their atmospheric conditions beautifully observed.

Gareth Howat

Creative Director

Gareth co-founded Hat-trick design in 2001. His career began at The Partners where he worked for nine years before becoming creative director at Lapot and Glazer Design.
He has designed and managed projects for a wide variety of clients including the Edinburgh International Festival, Natural History Museum, Royal Mail, Wimbledon and Williams F1.
Additionally, he has judged many international competitions including D&AD and the Association of Illustrators.

Marcus Lyon


Is a British artist. His works and publications are held in both private and international collections including the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Arts Council of Great Britain. In the early 90's he founded the Glassworks, an award-winning multidisciplinary art studio that acts as a gallery, exhibition venue and centre of excellence for commissioned and original art. His images have won numerous awards and nominations including the B&H Gold Award, Agfa Photographer of the Year, Prix Pictet 2012 & 2013, a D&AD Silver and five AOP's.
His most recent body of work, Somos Brasil (2017), that explores Brazilian identity through a series of sound and DNA enabled portraits, was recently featured as a TED talk.

David Magee


My photographs aim to highlight the experience of being immersed in the landscape and the spirituality of nature, as well as broader themes of transcendence and oneness. I find inspiration in the ever changing landscape and the natural elements.
"My photographs are emotional experiences involving a lot of travelling, walking, sitting waiting and thinking, re-thinking and finally creating a photograph. It's the entire process that fascinates and motivates me..."
The feeling is everything.

Hormazd Narielwalla


Hormazd Narielwalla (1979) is a London-based artist who works in collage. The artist uses found materials; bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns, and their antiquarian and contemporary trade counterparts, to create artworks exploring the body in abstract form. His work was shown at V&A Museum London Shop and he has won the 2014 Saatchi Art Showdown Prize - The Body Electric (2013), and the Paupers Press Prize at the International Print Biennale (2016). His work is held in private collections all around the world and public collections include the V&A permanent image and word collection, Ben Uri Museum Collection, the National Art Library and the British Library. In Paper Dolls, the artist draws on this rich tradition of masquerade and cross-dressing to weave a beguiling narrative in which he becomes one of the paper dolls who people his collages and prints.

Giles Revell


Influenced by fine art and conceptualism, Giles Revell's work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form, surface or texture via the simplest means. In addition to 'pure', traditional photography, Giles's personal work continues to explore the creative potential of digital technologies.

Fenton Smith

Creative Producer

Fenton co-founded Boss Print in 2004. Boss print is a multi award winning printing company in West London.
Working with many lead agencies, artists and very creative people has challenged Smith to develop processes and techniques in order to produce work at the highest level.

Jim Sutherland

Founder Studio Sutherl&

In 2001 Jim co-founded Hat-trick Design, consistently one of the top three most awarded design agencies in the UK (and number one in 2011). He left in 2014 to set up Studio Sutherl& the most awarded design studio at D&AD in 2017, and recently number one in the Computer Arts UK studio rankings.
He is a visiting Professor in Design at Norwich University of the Arts, and has given lectures at many UK universities. He was on the D&AD Executive board from 2009 to 2012 and a governor at Norwich School of Art between 2010 and 2014 and is on the board of The Typographic Circle.
Jim has published several books, including a children's book Hide&Eek!, which won a yellow pencil at D&AD in 2014 and Eeormoo? published this year.

Alice Tosey


Alice Tosey is a London-based designer who strives to produce work that will inform, encourage dialogue and hopefully create some smiles along the way. Over five years, her practice has taken her to widely recognised studios in London and Tokyo.

Rosey Trickett


Rosey Trickett is a designer at Studio Sutherland, and formerly worked at The Partners. During her design career she has worked on a range of jobs from stamps, books and record sleeves, to global brand identities - with an intergalactic rebrand (for extra-terrestrial contact organisation METI) thrown in for good measure. Rosey came to design via photography which she studied at LCC, and can't leave the house without a camera.